Why Bournemouth? Wrong question. Why would they gather anywhere else? Bournemouth, a wholly specific place that also stands for something more than itself – British seaside, British summer, a nostalgic childhood landscape ripe for re-thinking.

The team was assembled remotely. It initially began with readings, audio tracks and Internet ephemera that began to appear online. Meanwhile, on trains, in cafés and on buses, the team began to prick up their ears, straining them toward strangers, listening in and overhearing. They were preparing…

Team Members

Emma Bennett, Asha Blatherwick, William Bock, Kat King

Buchanan, Tiffany Charrington, Alex Eisenberg, Sebastian

Hau-Walker, Greg MacLaren, Christian Patracchini,

Catherine Street, Claire Thill

During a long weekend in October 2014, Stolen Voices Bournemouth found and exploited natural architectures for eavesdropping purposes, used rushing water as a cover for secret conversations and found ways to extend their bodies in space to increase acoustic capture.

Stolen Voices Bournemouth was supported by the Live Art Development Agency through their DIY initiative in partnership with Sound and Music and Arts Bournemouth.